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How Gatura Greens Increased Traffic With Weis Developers

4 min read · 15th Feb, 2024
  • 79%
    Incremental Uplift
  • -32%
    Cost of Acquisition
  • 128%
    ROI Increase

About Gatura Greens.

Gatura Greens, home to the world's first Purple Tea Farm, is an award-winning farm tour that provides an authentic Kenyan tea farm tour experience 1.5 hours from Nairobi, Kenya. It is a beautiful Purple Tea Farm that offers daily Tea Farm tours that include wonderful fresh scones in the morning and a farm-fresh home-cooked three-course lunch. The tour includes a waterfall swim, tea harvesting and processing, and an extensive tea tasting ceremony.

Wall of Love single

What is our relationhip with Gatura Greens?

We began working with Gatura Greens on a content development project and discovered their need to reach more clients. So we asked to construct a website for them where they could post the content we had prepared.

What challenges was Gatura Greens facing?

Gatura Greens was just starting to give formal farm tours, and they were overwhelmed with all of the things they needed to do to market the brand. They needed to know how to get and understand domains and hosting, where to get them, and how to get a website up and operating.

How we helped to solve the challenges?

We assisted them with acquiring their domain, gaturagreens.com, creating video material, and designing a modern brand that showed their services and allowed them to attract a diverse range of clients.

The web development process and how long it took

We started off by designing a basic wordpress website where we displayed all the content, information and services. This process took 14 days. Then the website traffic increased and we embarked again on a project of improvement. We decided to focus on optimisation of the site so we switched the front end to Nextjs to improve performance. Our optimisation different improved by over 90%.

What results have we achieved so far?

The new website is now 90% faster, passing all Google checkmarks. We have connected the Google Analytics and Search Console tags and can track visitors and site activity. Gatura Greens is enjoying a surge in traffic and now has control over its data. The site is speedy, giving customers a better experience and higher conversion rates.


Working with Gatura Greens is a stimulating and rewarding experience. We've learned a lot about purple tea and farming. Their personnel are kind and responsive, and they are always willing to offer information and help us learn more about their firm. It's a treat to work with them.